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There are a variety of prefab housing options, but for Canadians our recommendation is a barndominium.

These customized prefabricated buildings have a metal frame that's clad in metal paneling.

They're engineered and made to your specifications. You get to choose from a wide variety of colours and accessories like solar panels.

Because of steel's strength, you get clear-span space that's larger than what's possible with traditional construction methods. This leaves the interior to be customized however you desire.

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Be on the cutting edge of residential construction with Prefab Housing Canada. Whether you need a small one-bedroom bungalow or a multi-story family home, there's a prefabricated home to suit your needs.

There are a variety of building methods to choose from. Select a style below to see pictures & learn more.

Barndominiums are homes constructed out of rigid frame steel buildings. These structures offer Strength, Style, DIY and Savings.

Built in modules (sections), this style of home offers the affordability of factory production with far more design freedom.

By re-using shipping containers, you're able to get a durable skeleton at an affordable price. Then it's customized for a funky look, or more traditional modern appearance.

SIPs (structurally insulated panels) have become popular due to their ease of assembly and high insulation value and ability to make an infinite variety of layouts.

Mobile houses have evolved over the years and today they look very different from their trailer-like predecessors. Just drop it off and your house is ready to go!

A classic, durable prefab home with good insulation value & a unique style. This method can be used for both small cabins and gigantic rustic mansions.

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