Building Homes On An Assembly Line

Cars have become mass-produced and a lot more affordable thanks to the production line. Much of the work done there is now done by machines to ensure a minimum of errors and a faster delivery time.

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Framing the Interior of a House Kit

Here’s a great video of some interior framing being done on a prefab house kit. The exterior wall panels are all up and they’re using standard wood 2×4 studs to frame the inside. One of the great benefits of most prefab homes is that the interior is normally clear-span so you can customize the interior…

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A House Made from Shipping Containers

With the age of environmental consciousness upon us, some people are looking at ways to reuse things like shipping containers to create a prefab house. Here’s a perfect example of a nice two story house being built from used shipping containers. The containers have been cut to include large windows and doors. This makes for…

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