Changing The Way In Which We Live

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The housing market goes through fluctuations in pricing and mortgage rates, but the style of homes has remained unchanged for quite some time. People tend to think of family home, condo, or apartment when looking for a place to live, which means they are missing out on a great, affordable housing option that is available…

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Mobile Homes Are The Original Prefab Option

Prefab homes are becoming increasingly popular among those that want to dabble in home ownership, but need a more affordable option. Mobile homes have always been a good choice that fit perfectly into that affordability need. They are not always the first choice among prefab home owners nowadays, but they are still very much in…

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What are Prefab Homes?

When you hear the term “prefab homes” it was normal to think that meant mobile homes, but that has changed somewhat in recent years. While mobile homes are still included in that term, there are now all kinds of different styles that fit into the prefab mold.

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Bricks Made of Blood – Believe it or Not

We as a culture consume a lot of meat and this means there’s a lot of blood behind the scenes which we don’t see. Not surprisingly that blood would have been down the drain previously, but Jack Munro, a British architect has been working to develop a method of turning cow’s blood into bricks.

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