Mobile Homes

Are Prefab Houses Cheaper?

Prefab Home Price

Your home will likely be the largest investment you ever make. Because of this people often wonder “are prefab houses cheaper” when they see the price tag of traditional style homes. This is a bit of a loaded question so we’ll approach it in stages below. Are you Building or Buying? The first question is…

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When You Move, Your Home Moves With You

People are forced to move for all manner of different reasons, which often means having to leave behind a home that they really love. Imagine building the home of your dreams, only to find that your new job requires you to move to a new city. You are then forced to either start again from…

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Mobile Homes Are The Original Prefab Option

Prefab homes are becoming increasingly popular among those that want to dabble in home ownership, but need a more affordable option. Mobile homes have always been a good choice that fit perfectly into that affordability need. They are not always the first choice among prefab home owners nowadays, but they are still very much in…

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