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3D Printing : The Future of Prefab?

Much of the efficiency of prefab comes from computer-assisted design, arming designers with the digital tools needed to complete project after project. Still, traditional construction methods are required to get the job done. In the last few years 3D printing has edged

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Modern Prefab Homes

Modern Prefab Home

Modern prefab homes have seen much advancement over the past few years. They are far more than the simple boxes that Sears sold through its catalog in the 40’s. There is a new generation of home buyer and architect that

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Why Modular Homes Might be Right For You

If you think of your home as a giant puzzle, with each room a small part of it, then you have the basic premise of modular homes. Rooms are designed and constructed off-site, before being transported to their finished location

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How To Get A Truly Custom Built Home

Custom home builders make an absolute fortune when you decide to have them construct your new home. Their idea of custom built is trying to get you to use more expensive materials that help increase the amount of money that

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