Are Prefab Houses Cheaper?

Prefab Home Price

Your home will likely be the largest investment you ever make. Because of this people often wonder “are prefab houses cheaper” when they see the price tag of traditional style homes. This is a bit of a loaded question so we’ll approach it in stages below. Are you Building or Buying? The first question is…

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Keep Your Mortgage Costs Under Control

The biggest monthly outlay for most families comes when paying the rent or mortgage. Those looking to get into a new home understand that unless they have a nice chunk of money to put down, they are going to be saddled with a large mortgage payment. It’s enough to

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Get Back To Basics When Building Your Home

When you decide that you want to build a home of your own, you quickly find out just how many people are involved in the process. It also becomes clear that each of those people have their hand out asking for your hard earned money.

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Changing The Way In Which We Live

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The housing market goes through fluctuations in pricing and mortgage rates, but the style of homes has remained unchanged for quite some time. People tend to think of family home, condo, or apartment when looking for a place to live, which means they are missing out on a great, affordable housing option that is available…

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