Framing the Interior of a House Kit

Here’s a great video of some interior framing being done on a prefab house kit. The exterior wall panels are all up and they’re using standard wood 2×4 studs to frame the inside.

One of the great benefits of most prefab homes is that the interior is normally clear-span so you can customize the interior without being limited by supporting columns of walls. Whether you’re looking for a cozy feel or a wide open space home, you can make it happen with more prefab housing options.

There are two things which I really love about this house. The first is that the end goal is to make it zero energy so it will run entirely from renewable energy sources on-site. The second is the high ceilings. This is another great feature of houses made with SIP’s (structurally insulated panels). Since all of the insulation is contained within the panels themselves, you get an interior roofline which matches the exterior because there’s no reason to have insulation in the attic.

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