Just How Far Has Prefab Building Come

Prefab Housing has come a long way since the early 20th century, with technological advancements making Do-It-Yourself construction even easier. With all the possibilities for dwelling types and full customization, prefab homes are not the standard “house-in-a-box” as previously thought. What’s more, these building methods have only become more and more environmentally friendly; as they are designed with an emphasis on sustainability and making a small ecological footprint. Prefab homes like the one depicted in the in 1920 silent film One Week are no more. The film chronicles the building of a prefab home whose instructions had been purposely tampered with; making the construction nearly impossible and resulting in various hijinks. Naturally, the film played a role in painting a negative picture of prefab homes but they returned to notoriety in the 1950s due to their price.

All in all, current architectural advancements make prefab building just as common place as on-site building; and provides you with endless possibilities for your custom home.

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