Renovate and Set the Mood With Colour

If you’re renovating your home it’s important to remember that each room serves a different function, so it’s natural that they reflect different moods. A palette of warm or cool tones can completely alter the feel of a space and really bring your home to life. We strongly recommend you speak with our friends at Georgian Home Renovations in Toronto to get expert design advice, however if you decide to take this task on yourself, here’s a little guidance.

Warm colours are any shade or combination of red, yellow, or orange tones. These colours add a welcoming feeling to large spaces which benefit from a cozier atmosphere, such as bedrooms and living rooms.

Warm Colour TonesIt goes without saying that rooms which you plan on renovating and spending a significant amount of time in should also have that welcoming feel and those too can benefit from a warm colour palette. These spaces can include living rooms, kitchens, or any room which has become the social centre of your home.

Cool tones have a calming effect on the spaces they’re used in and work well in conjunction with neutral tones to visually enlarge a space. Icy blues, pastel greens and light purples are all cool tones that work well in adding depth to spaces like powder rooms and guest rooms.

Cool House Colour TonesBe sure to take balance into consideration when choosing a palette, making use of warm, cool and neutral tones to create harmony in your space!

If you’re looking to renovate, our design experts would be happy to help you choose a pallet which complements your home and lifestyle.