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Alternative Housing Options

quonset hut home

Finding alternative housing options is not just a talked-about issue of today. As a matter of fact, some people of the past centuries have been devising plans on how to provide cheap but sustainable means of sheltering people without sacrificing

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A House Made From Shipping Containers

Prefab Housing Canada has been around for a while, but there is much more to that than what people might think. It’s not just limited to mobile homes anymore, with another option in that housing market coming in the form

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A Brief Look At The Evolution Of Housing

In the early days of “housing”, shelter was often nothing more than the most basic protection from the elements. As building techniques became more advanced, people started to develop higher expectations of what their shelter should look like.

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Why Modular Homes Might be Right For You

If you think of your home as a giant puzzle, with each room a small part of it, then you have the basic premise of modular homes. Rooms are designed and constructed off-site, before being transported to their finished location

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