What is a Shome?


One of the simplest ways to describe the shome building is this. It’s a workshop (shop, where the s comes from) with a home combined into one. These types of metal building combinations have emerged as one of the more trendy modern living solutions. Shomes tend to be fully insulated and also temperature controlled in both the workshop and living quarters.

Traditionally the shome tended to be a pole barn type style of construction. They’re very similar, if not identical to barndominium homes in most instances. Today, the designs are contemporary. There have been enhancements in features like insulation, making the comfort of living possible, while not losing the functionality of the workshop. 

barndominium houseBearing in mind the need for home comfort and style, the customization to your taste happens even before construction starts. You can easily work with your specific manufacturing company and their team, to customize the shome details to fit your needs. This includes having a suitable structure with respect to land or site location, as well as ensuring it fits within the neighborhood for curb appeal. Therefore this means that design manipulation is possible.

Why Would You Want A Shome?

The shome has some characteristics that position them as good choices in home selection. One of the main benefits is that you can continue to do your work within the workshop space without being very far away from your family. There are other benefits as well such as:

Cost Effectiveness

Because the shome is one of the types of post-frame structures, it is considered a very cost-effect building solution. Factors such as lower cost of foundation as well as being built much more quickly than many traditional homes is a benefit. Along with this is that there is no need for two separate structures, as both home and shop are rolled into one. There is also a simplicity in design as well, since there is minimal engineering required.


steel building barndominiumThe shome because of its metal shell and post framing structure is particularly resistant to the elements. Metal structures have a much lower maintenance cost as the effects of molds, termites and pests are practically nonexistent.  The shome can last for decades. 

Custom Made

Some persons may prefer a larger workshop and modest living conditions while others might tend towards a structure with a smaller workshop and the luxury of larger living space. There are still others who may prefer both the large workshop and large living space. This is possible with the expansive floor space available in a shome, as the design can be customized to suit your and your business. This also means then, that if your business grows then it will not be limited because of space, similarly if your family size increases, you have flexibility.


Of course having a workshop and home together may be of concern with respect to safety. However, steel is quite fire resistant, and the building can also be coated in a fire retardant as well. Another bit of safety is that it also means that you can store your work and home contents safely, because of the protective metal infrastructure.

Energy Efficiency

Your shome has the benefit of being energy efficient. Any joints can be sealed and the building insulated. This then also adds to lowering your energy cost with respect to heating and cooling, as temperature losses and fluctuations internally are kept to a minimum. 

If you’re a creative person, someone with a home business, or just need some extra space, then an shome may be the perfect fit for you. You can price your home (we call them barndominiums) here today!