What is a SHouse?

To the uninitiated, an SHouse might sound foreign or odd. The origins of this name are surprisingly simple however since it’s basically a combination of a shop and a house in one building. Shop + House = SHouse.

This living space can be a part-time dwelling, or even a vacation property or cabin. SHouses are more often found in rural areas where there’s more land available for a sprawling home.

An SHouse is one of the more recent real estate trends and with good reason. They provide the perfect balance of function with tons of storage space and room to work or play, along with a beautiful modern home. They’re quite similar to their cousin the Barndominium, which is a barn building repurposed into a home.

The SHouse structure can be built out of wood or metal. However, the more economical and modern trend typically is done with metal frames. Metal frame structures allow for larger clear-span spaces. This provides for greater flexibility and allows for increased stability.

Now, we have a general idea of a SHouse and the convenience they may offer. There are also other possible benefits that we can consider.

An SHouse is Affordable

An SHouse is usually made from a prefabricated steel building, which is one of the more affordable building options around. It is also environmentally friendly, as the steel option. What may drive your cost up, is the use of more expensive interior finishes. It is the affordability of the SHouse, that makes them a fantastic option as vacation properties.

For those who may have land that is used for fishing or hunting, the cost of constructing a SHouse of steel makes more sense.

Size Variability

As a result of a lower cost of construction, houses are often large sprawling homes.

This is especially true if you choose a steel design over that of the standard wood frame. An SHouse generally can fit any floor plan, along with large open rooms and spaces. Remember there are little to no load-bearing walls in a clear-span steel building. The metal frame SHouse supports taller heights. This, therefore, means that the workshop area may have a taller ceiling to accommodate any equipment.

In some cases, your metal SHouse can average heights say between 12 to 20 feet, per level.


small white barndominium houseFor those who may have little land space available, the SHouse still works in their favor since you can customize the building size for your needs. By combining a workshop and home in one, you don’t need to worry about clearances between buildings for local building codes.

The shop can be used for your hobby, workshop and even storage – all within the same building.

Easy Transport Option

red steel barn houseA steel SHouse is factory manufactured packaged as a kit making for easy transportation to your build site. This makes them very easy to disassemble, transport and re-assemble. This is another great option for those who want something for a remote area where it’s more difficult to get building materials.

Overall, the steel SHouse is generally very resistant and durable. This makes them an excellent option for those who want an investment that will last a lifetime. The shouse is a great place for families with small children or pets. It is also an excellent option for those with limited space, and for those merging their livable quarters and their working space.

Whether it is budget, mobility, space maximization, ease of customization or design you are looking for, the shouse is worth looking into. Price a steel building today for your shome and get a free no-obligation quote and consult.