With housing prices on the rise, barndominiums are becoming a popular alternative for many reasons.

Barndominiums are essentially steel-framed buildings that are customized for your requirements and finished as a living space.

Steel buildings make the ideal blank canvas for a home since they provide a large clear-span space. This makes it easy to customize the interior as you don't require the same amount of supporting walls and engineering as a traditionally framed house.

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There are many reasons why steel buildings make the ideal start for your barndominium home. These include but are not limited to:

  • They're Prefab - This means that your building is engineered and manufactured at the factory. It makes for an easier building project in rural areas where you can't just 'pop into a hardware store' if something is missing.
  • They're Durable - Steel is one of the strongest and most durable construction materials people have to work with. It goes without saying that a steel barndominium is built to last.
  • Large Clear-Span - Because of the strength of steel, you can use steel beams to span large distances without the need for internal support columns. This leaves a wide-open interior space for you to customize as you'd like, or leave open for an open-concept space.
  • DIY Possibilities - Because these buildings are prefabricated, most will come with assembly manuals that allow you to construct it yourself.
  • Styled for you - When you first think of a steel building, you may not be inspired. These days however steel buildings come in a huge array of colours so that you can style your home to look however you'd like.

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