Shipping Container Homes

Container homes are a new idea which was brought about by the green movement looking for environmentally friendly building options. These homes are built using shipping containers which are no longer in service.

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The concept behind it is great as these containers are 100% steel so they're incredibly durable and able to be stacked on top of one another. Since they're so structurally sound it allows for an almost endless variety of floor plans. The containers can be cut and welded together to create traditional-style windows and doors. The exterior can be cladded, insulated and covered with stucco so you may never know that the framework of the house is in fact containers.

One of the downsides of containers is that you have a hard time creating wide open spaces which have become very popular in new 'open concept' homes. Since the walls of the containers are an essential part of their structural integrity, you aren't able to cut too much of it away without significant reinforcements.

As far as pricing goes, the key thing with container homes is that the containers themselves are relatively inexpensive so it's all about how you plan on configuring them and customizing the interior. Since the interiors must be created on-site you're looking at a cost point similar to panelized housing, however, if you plan on doing extensive customization it can, of course, be higher.

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Other Types of Prefab Homes

There are a variety of building methods to choose from.
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A classic, durable prefab home with good insulation value & a unique style. This method can be used for both small cabins and gigantic rustic mansions.

Built in modules (sections), this style of home offers the affordability of factory production with far more design freedom.

By re-using shipping containers, you're able to get a durable skeleton at an affordable price. Then it's customized for a funky look, or more traditional modern appearance.

SIPs (structurally insulated panels) have become popular due to their ease of assembly and high insulation value and ability to make an infinite variety of layouts.

Mobile houses have evolved over the years and today they look very different from their trailer-like predecessors. Just drop it off and your house is ready to go!