Mobile Homes

Mobile Homes are one of the oldest styles of prefabricated housing and were borne out of the need for affordable housing which could be mass produced and placed anywhere.

We Recommend a Barndominium

This new prefab housing trend is taking off and has quickly become our top recommendation for Canadians.

What are Mobile Homes?

Mobile homes are prefabricated factory-constructed housing units. Every mobile home starts with an incredibly rigid and durable steel frame that forms the base of the house. The walls, flooring, and all other components of the home are then built on top of this frame as a single unit.

The steel frame allows for the entire home to be picked up in a single piece either by forklifts or specialized trucks, and placed onto a highway truck for delivery to virtually anywhere. It's then set either on poured concrete piers or concrete blocks and ready for use. One of the great features with these houses however is that if it's ever required, you can raise the house again and transport it to a new location.

One of the restrictions with mobile homes is the size. Since the entire house must be able to be moved as a single unit, you're restricted by the highway act which determines the width of a load which can be transported. Because of this Mobile Homes are the smallest type of prefab houses and typically the least expensive.

When You Move, Your House can Move Too

People are forced to move for all manner of different reasons, which often means having to leave behind a home that they really love. Imagine building the home of your dreams, only to find that your new job requires you to move to a new city.

modular home transportedYou are then forced to either start again from scratch, or to scour the city in search of a new place to live that doesn’t quite match up to your old home.

If you decide to go with a mobile home then you can simply pack it up and take it with you when you are forced to move.

Many people have often regarded prefab homes as the poor man’s alternative to housing, but that is a perception that is very quickly changing. It was mobile homes that caused many to take on the view of inferiority, but prefab homes have evolved over the years to the point where it is impossible to tell a prefab from a traditional home by sight alone.

It is those improvements, as well as the affordability and energy efficiency of prefab homes, which have caused more and more people to rethink their opinions of said homes. This may help explain why the prefab home business is really starting to boom.

Other Types of Prefab Homes

There are a variety of building methods to choose from.
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Barndominiums are homes constructed out of rigid frame steel buildings. These structures offer Strength, Style, DIY and Savings.

Built in modules (sections), this style of home offers the affordability of factory production with far more design freedom.

By re-using shipping containers, you're able to get a durable skeleton at an affordable price. Then it's customized for a funky look, or more traditional modern appearance.

SIPs (structurally insulated panels) have become popular due to their ease of assembly and high insulation value and ability to make an infinite variety of layouts.

Mobile houses have evolved over the years and today they look very different from their trailer-like predecessors. Just drop it off and your house is ready to go!

A classic, durable prefab home with good insulation value & a unique style. This method can be used for both small cabins and gigantic rustic mansions.