Why are Steel Homes are So Popular?

steel homes

If you haven’t realized it by now – steel homes are more popular than ever. Formerly reserved for farmhouses, you may now even find a steel home or two even in your own neighborhood. The trendy touch of interior and exterior designs disguises these prefab structures. You may not even recognize that it was made with a steel building kit.

Steel homes (sometimes called barndominiums) are particularly trendy among first-time homeowners who don’t want to pay for multi-million dollar city homes. They’re an economical solution that can be easily built on just about any land.

Looking at the bigger picture, there must be a significant reason the steel homes are being sought after on a large scale. Naturally one of the key questions which many ask is – How expensive are steel homes? Or How quickly can this be built?

red steel barn houseThe easy answer is that steel buildings and by extension steel homes are more cost-effective and cost less overall. Along with this is that you can acquire your steel home in a much less time than the conventionally built home. Hence the excitement!! An added bonus is that maintenance cost is several times lower than that of wood structures or even concrete.

Speed Of Moving In

There is nothing more exciting than conceptualizing and designing your home and then seeing it move from just a dream to reality. With the traditional home construction, there is loads of time taken. Time to go from site preparation to completion of the foundation. Time to go from foundation to roof. Then time from roof to aesthetic finish. However, this is not so with your steel home. 

For your steel home, it takes a whole lot less time. As soon as you have approval of your building plan design, you simply submit to your preferred manufacturer. Negotiations with your steel building manufacturer then will work out all the kinks and you go get your site prepared. 

That’s practically it, because then your manufacturer gets to work and delivers your home and with professional help, your new home is up in very little time. Remember the manufacturer does not have to deal with changes in weather conditions. You don’t sweat about labor issues, nor do you worry about materials cost nor any wastage. 

barndominium homes canadaWhat some people inevitably do is submit the design, clear the site and get it prepped and then head off to sort out their furnishings and finishing touches, leaving the hard work and short delivery times to the building kit manufacturer.

There’s More

  • Not having to worry about wood’s properties such as any imperfections
  • Building flexibility – if you need to add on to your steel home in the future the ease of extension is there. It is so much easier to add more
  • Build from just 500 square feet to well over 12,000 square feet
  •  Maximum use of space, since there is no need for the inclusion of load-bearing columns nor support beams. In other words – you can have wide and open interiors
  • Durability – Your steel home can be built to withstand winds 120 MPH, as well as extreme snow loads and even seismic activity such as in seismic zone 4
  • NO Pests! – Termites have no appetite for steel. Same with rodents!
  • Your Steel Building structure is a flame retardant – and this also saves on your insurance as well
  • The steel doesn’t warp, nor will it crack nor do you have to worry about settling

These are but a few of the choice reasons. You can chat with your steel home manufacturer as they can list further advantages over the few which we have highlighted. 

We’d be happy to help you price your prefab steel home today!