Why Prefab Housing?

There are many reasons why prefab housing is a great choice regardless of the size or customizations you’d like for your future home. Here are some key benefits…

  • Cost Effective – Building with prefab methods is much more economical then traditionally built homes. When a traditionally built house is constructed it’s done on site. This means that workers need to travel there, specialized equipment needs to be transported there and problems such as material delivery, weather conditions, etc. need to be contended with. Because of these reasons a traditionally built house is far more expensive even if it’s build with the same wood framing as a prefab house. Prefab housing is built in factories so workers can stay in one place with stationary specialized equipment and a guaranteed stock of all the necessary things required for construction. This allows them to keep costs down when compared to traditional on-site construction.
  • Energy Efficient – Most prefab housing options these days are incredibly energy efficient since they’re able to better insulate panels then an on-site worker can. When you’re onsite you often end up with insulation which is jaggedly cut to size leaving gaps. Prefab homes though often have insulation cut by machines for a precise fit leaving no gaps for the cold or heat to seep through.
  • Customizable – Unless you’re working with your own team of engineers and architects you’re pretty much stuck with whatever house design the builder wants to make for you (unless of course you have money to burn). With prefabricated modular housing however you can easily select different modules to customize the house to your liking.
  • Perfect for Remote locations – It’s often difficult if not impossible to build a house in remote locations since materials are hard to come by and skilled tradesmen are even more scarce. This makes prefab housing an ideal solution since the entire house can be created off-site then trucked to the final location and easily assembled by a much smaller team then would otherwise be needed. You also skip the step of having to truck in raw materials and specialized equipment.
  • Simplicity – Building a house from scratch is an incredibly difficult task. Taking on a project of this magnitude often involves foremen, coordinators, engineers, architects, and a variety of specialized tradespeople. By having the components of your house manufactured before you get to the site, you’re simplifying the process immensely and leaving most of the construction in the hands of a factory of experts who know what they’re doing.
  • Transportable – Many of these prefab options are able to be disassembled even after the house is constructed. If you’ve ever had to re-locate but have hated the idea of leaving your dream home behind, then a prefab house is definitely for you.


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